1. Only constituent queries from The Raiser's Edge can be transferred to Luminate Online as groups. Ensure the query type is listed as Constituent in Tools > Query Options in the query.
  2. The constituent query in The Raiser's Edge must be placed in the Luminate query category in order to be available in Luminate Online. If the category does not exist, create a new one called "Luminate" 
  3. Save the query to this category.
  4. The "Other users may run this query" checkbox may be unmarked in Tools > Query Options in the Query. This checkbox must be marked in order for the query to transfer to Luminate Online.

Note: The group must be called "Luminate" in order for Luminate Online to be pointed in the right direction of the queries for selection.

If the folder is not titled correctly rename the folder by following these steps:

  1. Highlight the Folder
  2. Click "Organize Categories..."
  3. Select the Folder
  4. Click "Rename"