Uncaught NotSupportedError is usually followed by some other details, such as:
  1. Uncaught NotSupportedError: Failed to execute 'evaluate' on 'Document': The context node provided is null.
  2. Uncaught NotSupportedError: The implementation did not support the requested type of object or operation.
These are the 2 most common Not Supported errors seen in Luminate and both are pretty well documented in tech forums that can be found in a Google search.

The first error occurs when you attempt to use a function that is also a keyword. The solution for this error is to find the problematic function and change the name.

The second error might contain additional information pertaining to which object or operation was rejected. For example, the Dollar Sign ($) conflict. If you are using another JavaScript library that uses the $ variable, you can run into conflicts with jQuery. In order to avoid these conflicts, you need to put jQuery in no-conflict mode immediately after it is loaded onto the page and before you attempt to use jQuery in a page. Here is the syntax:


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You may also experience certain JavaScript errors in the Event Management Center while attempting to edit TeamRaiser pages that contain JQuery. In cases like these, putting this noConflict code in the PageWrapper of your TeamRaiser will resolve most JavaScript errors. Here are some example errors that you might see without no-conflict mode enabled:

"TypeError: tinyMCE.getInstanceById is not a function"

"Using non-standard jQuery instance. Perhaps you should instead call
Y.use('jquery-noconflict', function() { ... });
to use the standard, supported instance of jQuery?"