A recent update has changed the functionality around how opt-outs are displayed in The Raisers Edge. Online Express will no longer check the "Requests no email" box on the constituent record. Instead, you can see the unsubscribe data when you use the new "Send this data to RE" feature in the email stats. Some details about this improvement: 
-If one email address opts out, other email addresses on that record may still receive email. For example, someone may want to unsubscribe their work email address, but still receive messages at home. This is now possible. 
-The opt-out data contains more information, including the date when using the "Send this data to RE" feature. This provides better spam compliance information. 
-Online Express still honors the "Requests no email" check box, so any records with that box selected will not receive email communications from Online Express. 
-Online Express automatically honors opt-outs without any extra work. Even if you don't use the "Send this data to RE" feature - we still automatically keep track of unsubscribes and will not send that email address any messages.