The RE connector is a piece of software that the client installs on one of their servers. Here are the steps to determine if they are using the RE connector:
  1. Go to Data Management > select Import/Export
  2. Select the All Data Sync Operations tab
  3. Locate the RE connector by searching "connector"
  4. Click Edit under the Actions column for the RE connector data sync
  5. Take note of the file name under 3. Operation File Name
  6. If the file name does not contain their shortname and looks something like this: re_sync_v52.xml, then we are dealing with the standard RE connector.
The RE connector is nearly identical to any other data sync, except there are a few differences:
  1. The files to be uploaded in to Luminate do not require manual intervention. The upload files are placed in the FTP and are automatically picked up by the connector data sync in Luminate.
  2. The manifest files are generated and uploaded automatically. That being said, it may cause problems if we (or the client) were to manually place a manifest file in to the FTP.
  3. Luminate makes an API call to the client's connector machine to prompt the downloads from RE.
Here is a graphical representation of how this works:
  1. The connector data sync in Luminate initiates according to its schedule and an API call is made to the connector machine.
  2. The API call prompts the connector machine to run a query in the RE database and data is compiled in to CSV files.
  3. The connector machine sends the CSV files to our shortname_ds FTP server.
  4. Luminate uploads the CSV files in the shortname_ds FTP server.
  5. Luminate compiles new data for Raiser's Edge and places our own CSV files back in to our shortname_ds FTP server. The new data to be included in the CSV files is decided by the On Demand portion of the RE connector (discussed later).
By default, no data is actually written directly in to Raiser's Edge. The client either needs to download them manually, or perhaps they may already have a system in place that downloads the files automatically in to RE. The client is always responsible for the data that flows in to RE. When in doubt, you can always download the files that were sent to the FTP by following these steps:
  1. Go to Data Management > select Import/Export
  2. Select the Operation Results tab
  3. Find the sync in question and look under the "Available Files" column to download them
On Demand should not be mistaken with "Real-Time" because that would imply that data is constantly kept up to date. The RE Connector does not do this. The On Demand portion of the RE Connector updates data when:
  • A constituent profile is viewed or modified in Constituent360
  • A client administrator adds a new cross reference mapping
  • A client admin maps a group in Luminate to an offline segment
  • New constituent registers in Luminate
These features can be enabled/disabled depending on the client's needs. That being said, we shouldn't assume that a client has all of these enabled.

What data do we send through the RE connector from Luminate?

  1. Exported depending on the RE Connector settings
  2. We do not export when:
    • The constituent is pending PREDUP or has RnR (Resolve New Registrations) match
    • The constituent does not have a last name
  3. Most other biography and address information is only exported if there is a change
  1. We will sync the following transaction types: Settled Donations, Pledge Payment, Recurring Gift, Ticket Purchase, eCommerce Purchase, TeamRaiser Registration, Tribute Donation (Personal Fundraising)
  2. We do not sync the transactions when:
    • The Donor or Solicitor (where applicable) is pending PREDUP or has an RnR match
    • The Donor or Solicitor does not have an EXCHANGE_ID
    • Cross References have not been mapped
(Optional) TeamRaiser Registrations - This can be enabled via a setting for the data sync.

More details and resources regarding the RE connector can be found at and this can also be provided to clients. The most common resources that you'll use are:

RE Connector Client Checklist
RE Connector Troubleshooting Steps
RE Datasync User Guide
Guide to Handling Duplicates

Growing list of common issues (please feel free to add to this list):

RE datasync error: Not initiating download since no files were generated - When the Raiser's Edge connector fails 
Error: Number of transactions not downloaded due to missing ImportID for TR solicitor: 1 
Error: Server is not available (Failed to connect to address "".) 

If you are experiencing any issues related to the RE connector, then do your due diligence to find a solution. Otherwise, refer to Which Template Should I Use  for information on triaging your case.