If you have an email URL, it contains the email message ID, so you may be able to locate it within your email campaign.
  1. You will need to copy the em_id=xxxx.x (the xxxx.x will be numbers).
  2. Find your email campaign and click Manage and then click Edit next to one of the email messages that you have in Draft status.
  3. Look up in to the address bar of your browser which lists which address you are currently on. It will have an em_id=xxxx.x at the end.
  4. Remove the em_id numbers after the equals sign and paste in the one you had copied in its place. If the message is within the same campaign it will take you directly to edit that message.
  5. If it does not take you to the right email message, then you may have to repeat this process for each campaign.
  6. When the email message is pulled up, you will be able to see the path leading to the message name via the breadcrumb indicator at the top of the page ( Campaigns > Campaign Name > Message Name )