Query is a gathering and grouping tool for records in The Raiser’s Edge that performs far better when finding records to include rather than comparing records to omit. Therefore a query merge of two inclusive queries to manage solicit codes is handy especially when working with large data sets and/or complex query criteria.

This process uses two constituent queries and the Merge Queries tool:

1. Create a constituent query with the desired identifying criteria. Save this query.

2. Create and save a second constituent query adding only the solicit code criteria as follows:

Solicit code > Solicit Code description one of (insert desired values)

3. Go to Query and click on Merge Queries:

  • Primary query is query created in step 1
  • Secondary query is query created in step 2
  • Operator is SUB
  • Click OK to perform the Query Merge
4. The resulting merged static query will open. Go to File in the top menu bar and click on Save to name this final query. Click OK to messages regarding keys being created as the query is saved.

The final query from step 4 can be used in an Export to export a mailing list (BB746122) or other functions in The Raiser’s Edge.

If users need to include positive an negative operators for the solicit codes, follow the steps on How to query on solicit codes