There are two options for creating these groups. The first can be configured in the designation itself:
  1. Fundraising > Donation Management.
  2. Select the Designated Giving tab.
  3. Edit the designation.
  4. Select Step 2. Specify Interest and Notification
  5. Under #2 Gift Notification, enter the Gift Amount as $1. (Note: If you have also configured Gift Email Notifications in this step, an email will be sent anytime a donation occurs over $1 threshold).
  6. Under Gift Group, click "Select". A dialogue will appear giving you the option to add to an existing group or create a new group. To keep these streamlined, create a new group and label it as something that will be easily referenced like "Designation A Donors".
  7. Save your change
Secondly, you could also run reports on donations by designation and complete a group assignment upload to populate them into a group.
  1. Fundraising > Donation Management.
  2. Select the Donation Reports tab.
  3. Select the Donations by Designated Gift report from the dropdown list and select Go.
  4. Determine your filtering paremeters and run the report. To pull all transactions by all designations, select "All" for each filtering parameter.
  5. Run the report and download the CSV file.
  6. Sort the report results by Designation Name in the output file.
  7. Extract the constituents information by designation and prepare your CSV upload files for each designation. If you need guidance on how to prepare your upload document, visit this solution on how to upload a custom constituent import.
  8. Commit the upload and verify that the constituents have been populated into the group(s).