The Renewal Window in Altru will control whether you see Upgrade or Renew on the membership record and whether or not you see the Mid-term upgrade button in Daily Sales. You can still however select the option to renew the membership prior to the renewal window. 

In the Back Office/on the Membership Record: 
  1. Click the Upgrade now button that appears on the constituent's Memberships tab or on their membership record. User-added image
  2. Scroll down to What are they paying for? and choose to Renew the membership instead of upgrading the membership: User-added image
  3. When you choose the option to renew the membership, you will see the expiration date will update to extend the membership for an additional year:User-added image
  4. Complete the membership transaction as usual.  
In Daily Sales: 
  1. For active members, you should see the option to Renew beside the constituent's name in Daily Sales. 
    User-added image
  2. If a constituent has multiple memberships and the membership you need to renew is not showing at the top, you can see a complete list of memberships by clicking the Memberships button. Scroll through this list until you see the option to Renew the correct membership: User-added image
  3. Complete the transaction as usual. 
​While you are processing this transaction, here are some considerations for renewing memberships early: 
  1. If the renewal is also a downgrade to a lower level, they will be a member of the lower level immediately and they will no longer have the benefits of the higher level.
  2. In the renewal is also an upgrade to a higher level. the member will immediately enjoy the benefits of the higher level.