Here are two things to check to ensure your selection appears in your Appeal Mailing: 
  1. Ensure the Selection is a constituent source view. A constituent source view is required for an appeal mailing process. 
    1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
    2. Find your query from the list and click the hyperlinked name of the query 
    3. Under Type, you should see Constituent. This indicates the query is a constituent source view.  
      User-added image
    4. If your query is not a Constituent selection, you will need to recreate your query using a Constituent Source view. 
  2. Ensure a selection has been created. A selection makes the group of constituents you're grouping in a query, available to other processes in Altru, such as the Appeal Mailing Process.
    1. From the screen above, click Edit Definition on the left. 
      User-added image
    2. On the Set Save Options Tab, ensure the box to Create a selection? is checked: 
      User-added image 
      •  Note: You can create either a dynamic or static selection for a mailing process.  A dynamic selection will update and change as your data changes, whereas a static query is a snapshot of constituents that meet your query criteria at this moment in time. 
    3. If the Create a selection? box is not checked, check this box and go back to the mailing. Your query should now be available to select in the mailing.