How is event capacity counted when using an Event Registration Form part?

If you have an Event that you wish to limit the number of tickets that are sold for, how can you ensure that your NetCommunity Event Registration Form will respect the maximum event capacity and not over-sell tickets?


First, you must declare the event capacity on the Event Record

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On the NetCommuntiy Event Registration Form you must check the checkbox labeled:  "Use event capacity." User-added image

Only the number of people who are labeled as: “Registered” count towards the event’s capacity. In the screenshot above, there are 11 registered users; so only 4 more tickets will be allowed by the form to be sold.

Those labeled as: “Do not Register” do not count toward the event capacity.

Event Registration Transactions that are sitting, unprocessed, in the NetCommunity plugin within RE, do count towards the total event capacity. In the example screenshot, if there were 2 single ticket transactions sitting in the BBNC plugin and have not yet been processed, then only two more tickets would be allowed by the form to be sold, to reach the capacity of 15.

Event Registrations that are currently in progress by a user on the website count towards event capacity.

Event Capacity = Total Processed Registered Users + Total Unprocessed event registrations in the plugin + Total event registrations in progress on the website.

An event will be considered to have reached maximum capacity when the number of processed and unprocessed registrations in the NetCommunity plugin within The Raiser's Edge and the number of in-progress registrations online are greater than the event capacity on the Raiser's Edge event record.

Note: Event Capacity is the number of registrants. It is not the number of price units sold. For example, if 1 registrant purchases 10 tickets for themselves, the event capacity will increase by 1.
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