We are currently testing a permanent resolution to these errors that will be released in a future update to ResearchPoint.

We do have a work-around procedure.

First, locate and remove the records causing the error:
  1. To isolate the records triggering the error within the list, sync them in groups of 100.  To do this, click on the checkbox in the top, left corner of the Members list.  Then click Sync with RE (100).
  2. Once the error pops up, you know an offending record is in that group of 100. 
  3. Select 50 to sync, then 25, etc. until you narrow down which record is causing the error. 
  4. Note the name of the record, and remove it from the list (temporarily).
  5. If there are more than 100 records, repeat this process on subsequent pages.
  6. Once you’ve removed all offending records, your members list should be able to be synced entirely. 
    *Most organizations only sync a research list as a whole one time, then resync individuals if changes were made to their records.

Next, handle the individual records you removed from the research list:
  1. To sync the individual(s) you removed, open The Raiser’s Edge Integration Field Configuration.
  2. On the To The Raiser’s Edge tab, unmark Contributions.
  3. Open the individual record(s), and sync with RE
  4. Return to research list and add the member back in, so they are included in all calculations and ongoing reporting.
  5. Make sure to re-enable the Contributions to sync in the Field Configuration after the offending records have been synced.