How to show bank name when using SEPA

Bank name not showing when using SEPA
Bank name missing from Relationships when using SEPA

 When using SEPA, users may notice that you cannot enter the bank name into the Classic tab which causes the bank name to appear blank in the Relationships tab in a constituents record.

To show the bank name when using SEPA:
  1. Open the Relationships tab in a constituents record
  2. Click "New Bank/Financial Institutions Relationship"
  3. Click on the Classic tab and enter / search for the Bank Name BEFORE entering any information on the General tab
  4. The Classic tab will now become Read-Only so no other information can be entered
  5. Click on the General tab and enter the Account information
  6. Save and close
  7. The bank name will now be showing 

For existing Bank / Financial Institution relationships:
  1. Recreate the bank using the above method
  2. Change any existing Direct Debits on the record to the new bank
  3. Delete the old bank relationship
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