When a participant is registered for an event or a donation is made the transaction owner/card holder maybe a different name than the participant or donor name entered.

How this can happen in your account:

1. A company may pay for multiple people to register for an event but the card holder name is not entered as a participant.  The company then calls to verify the payment and what it was for once they see their credit card statement.  If you were to try and locate them on the card holder name or company name through the contacts>individuals or contacts>organizations you may not be able to locate their payment.

2. Another scenario is a donor makes a donation but puts in the donor name as someone else. They might be paying for their family or friends donation or may have just entered the donor name in-correctly.

To best locate payments by card holder name you can run the Payment Details Report:

1. Go to control>reports>billing>payment details

2. To set a date range click on date range at the top of the page and set a specific date range

3. To filter by the card holder name click on filters next to date range

4. Expand the report specific folder>select the field for card holder name

5. Click Add and then either use contains or equals and enter the card holders name

Once the filter is set you can then run the report.  Also if you were to run the payment details report by a date range with no filter the card holder column will be a default field already included in the output fields.   You can then click on the card holder column header to resort the report by that column.