The event I want to reschedule for is not coming up in the upcoming events options on the reschedule screen

Altru allows you to reschedule tickets from one program event to another event with a different date and time in the same program.  However, sometimes when searching for other events to reschedule the tickets to, no events show in the dropdown or in the search window or the specific event you want does not show up.

I am receiving the message, "There are no other items available," when trying to reschedule tickets.
 Try these steps to resolve the issue: 
  1. Verify the tickets you are rescheduling have the same price type or same price as the new event.  If the tickets are a different price type or different price that isn't on the new event, refund the order and re-ring up a new order with the new prices to the other event.
  2. Go to Tickets > Program Search.  Search for and select the program.  Go to the Event List tab and verify there are other events scheduled in this program.
  3. Verify that the event you are rescheduling to has availability by looking at the availability on the Event List tab.
  4. When searching for the other event, change the date filter to All dates.  Make sure you are marking the box to show past events or show events with no availability, if needed.
  5. Make sure the event you are trying to reschedule into is not a member-only event. 
Note: It is not possible to reschedule into a member-only event. Member-only events can only be rescheduled into non-member events. If member-only event is needed, refund and buy the correct event.  Or you can temporarily remove membership restrictions from your event while you reschedule the tickets.  



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