This can be accomplished through a multi-step process in Sphere. It involves: Utilizing a CMS, adding two tools to the CMS, one for uploading the images and one for displaying the images, and adding these webpage tools as links in your Kintera Thon. 
  1. Starting Point: Create a CMS or utilize an existing CMS through Content>Content Management System
  2. Add the Advanced Content Submission II (Files/Images) tool ( BB750628) to the CMS
    • Note: you may want all the images to go into a specific folder. This can be specified in Step 8 (Content Submit tab>Put in Folder) of the BB750628 solution.
  3. Add the Photo Gallery tool (BB731166) to the CMS
    • Note: On the Image Selection tab, select Display Images By Folder and select the folder
  4. Add the tools as links  (BB722488) within your Kintera Thon event
For further customization, if only want the tool to be displayed, minus the navigation items of the CMS:
For both the Advanced Content Submission II tool and the Photo Gallery tool, navigate to the Advanced tab. Next to Navigation Layout, select Blank and apply changes.