The initial steps for processing an event registration with no payment are the same as for those with payments. If there is no payment, the term No fees will appear in the center Fee Information column:

no fee event registration in download plug-in

No $0 gift is created and put in a batch if there is no payment with the registration. The constituent and event participation information is added directly to The Raiser's Edge when No fees is present.

When the transaction is processed, the customary message saying "Creating Event Registration Batch" (with the spinning globe graphic) appears. The following message will appear after this to indicate that the information has been added:
no fee event registration processed message

NOTE: If both fee and No fee transactions are being processed (bulk processing), then a message with the batch number will appear for the batch where the payments are located and the message above will appear regarding the No fee transactions. This does not mean that the No fee registrations are in that batch. Both messages are occurring since both types of transactions (fee and No fee) were processed at the same time.

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