When you register for TeamRaiser, a lot of different transactions can get bundled into one, so after the fact it can be difficult to discern how the money was split up. To research a particular registration and how that fee was split up, you want to run a Participant Registration Report.
  1. Go to Data Mangement > Reports
  2. Click the plus sign next to “TeamRaiser Reports”
  3. Click on “Participant Registration Report”
  4. In the first drop down choose the TeamRaiser the registration was for
  5. You can filter by participation type, team membership, and date. If you have a particular transaction in mind, search by date. Check all of the boxes under "Include in the output".
  6. Click on "Submit Report"
Once you run the report, there will be a row for each registration. Note that a single registration transaction could have multiple registrations if multiple registrations are enabled, so you may be looking for multiple rows. Here you will be able to see all the information about the registration, including how much was paid for a registration fee, how much was an additional gift, and any other upsells that may have been purchased.