1. First, review the Export and the affected record(s) to ensure that incorrect set-up is not causing the issue. Some things to review are:
    • Does the contact type exist on the organization record?
    • Is the expected relationship marked a contact?
    • Are the Date From/ Date To dates being used?
    • Is the Sort by field on the Export field criteria affecting the data shown?
    • Is the address on the relationship marked Send Mail to this Address?
  2. If data issues have been ruled out from step 1, then go to the organization record of the contact that is incorrectly exporting.
  3. Open the contact record that is exporting on its Relationship tab and note its contact type.
  4. Save and close out of the relationship and organization record.
  5. Go to Config > Tables > Contact Type.
  6. Add a new entry to the table, such as Test.
  7. Perform a Table Cleanup replacing the Contact Type noted in step 3 with the value added in step 6. Be sure to delete the previous entry.
  8. Edit the value from step 6 to the one noted in step 3 to add back the value to records.
  9. Run the Export again and the first contact type should correctly export now.