Payment method missing in the Add a payment screen

You may find that although a payment method is enabled for any sales method, the payment method is missing from the drop-down when you attempt to add a payment.  This commonly happens in Group Sales or Advance Sales in particular.
This issue was resolved in version 4.4 of Altru.  All sites were updated in August 2015.

If this issue occurs for you again, try these steps:
  1. Try adding a payment by going to the Group Reservation and clicking Add Payment
  2. Try refreshing your browser.
  3. Try logging out of Altru and back in.
If those steps do not resolve and this issue occurs frequently, Chat with Support with the following pieces of information: 
  • Date when it happened
  • Time it occurred and Timezone you are located in
  • Username logged in when it occurred
  • Reservation Name
  • Run a Tracert when it occurs so we can interpret any internet or network issues at the time.  Steps for performing a tracert are in Step 10 of the Performance issues and slowness Knowledgebase.


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