Users are able to send one-off emails to accounts and create a Contact to track this correspondence at the same time. However, you may find not all of the email content is included in the Contact journal entry that is created.

When you create an email template or a one-off email, there is an HTML version and a Text version.  Some constituents may not accept the HTML version of the email, so the Text version is created as a backup.  The content entered into the journal Contact for a one-off email is based off the Text version. 

When you create a template within the Communication section, a Text version is automatically generated for you.  When you send a one-off email you can select the different templates that you created in the Communication section.  If you make any edits to the content during the setup of a one-off email, the Text version will not automatically update since you are not directly editing the template in the Communication section.  You will need to tell eTapestry to update the Text version before sending.

If you do not select a template and just type your message into the body of the email, you are doing so in the HTML section.  You will need to tell eTapestry to update the Text version before you send the email.

Follow these steps to ensure the Text version of the one-off email matches the HTML version:
  1. Open the Constituent record you wish to email
  2. Go to the Persona page
  3. Click the Envelope icon next to the Email field (must have an email stored in the Email field for the icon to appear)
  4. Select a Template from the drop down at the top of the page
  5. Edit the content if needed
    • Or do not select a template and just hand type your message into the body of the email
  6. Select the blue Text link under the text editor window,
  7. Click "Copy HTML contents without formatting"
  8. Check the box next to Create Journal Contact Record
  9. Click Send And - Go to Journal
  10. Click the Contact that was created from sending the email
  11. The text in the note field should reflect what was sent in the email
You can also review our help document on Sending A One Off Email