• For this installation, an additional workstation will be required on which the Postal Tools files will be extracted.
  • The web installer for the US is a self-extracting compressed file that prompts for an extraction location.
  • The AU, CA, & UK web installers are Install Shield-wrapped packages that extract to a generic temp location before they begin the install. 
  • If Address Validation is already installed on a computer, the Install Shield web installers will not execute because it thinks the program is already installed. Once the US web installer is extracted, one will notice the same from the setup.exe packaged there.
Follow these steps:
  1. Extract the Postal Tools files
    1. From a workstation that does not have the Address Validation Services installed, download the web installers from
      •  ​​US – will need to run the self-extracting compressed file and extract the contents to a temporary location first
    2. Run the Install Shield package as Administrator for the desired country.
      • US Default: setup.exe
      • AU, CA, UK default: AAxx_mmYY.exe
      • xx=the country, mm=month range, YY=relevant year
    3. Note the install location for the Postal Tools and navigate there when the install completes.
      • Default = C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\Postal Tools
      • Depending on the country, different quantities of files will exist.
      • There should be one application named xxUpdate.exe. This is used to install the Mailroom Toolkit.
    4. Collect the contents of the Postal Tools install location into a compressed file and copy to the Address Validation Service server.
  2. Update Address Validation Service Server
    1. Note the default install locations of the existing Postal Tools & Mailroom Toolkit
      • Postal Tools defaults: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\Postal Tools
      • US Mailroom Toolkit defaults: C:\Program Files (x86)\Satori Software\Satori Architect
      • Non-US Mailroom Toolkit defaults: C:\Program Files (x86)\mailroom toolkit
      •  Note – it is more important to use existing directories than to conform to these default
    2. Extract the files from 2.4 above and copy into the existing Postal Tools directory on this server.
      • Typically, any duplicate files will be exactly the same. So there should be no need to overwrite files. Simply skip those conflicts.
    3. Run the xxUpdate.exe application to install the Mailroom Toolkit
      • Be sure to match the install location to the info from 2.1 above
      • This will copy and register relevant OCX and DLL files
      • For some countries, it will add data folders to the location
    4. At this point, the necessary files have been added and the Address Validation service can validate the added country.
  3. Configure the New Country in Blackbaud CRM
    1. Log into Blackbaud CRM from any computer
    2. Select Administration > Countries and States
    3. Expand the newly added country and click Edit
    4. Check the box next to “Allow address validation"
    5. Change the drop-down for "Validate as:" to the appropriate country
    6. Click Save