The stub gift is created as a placeholder for an expected donation from Luminate Online. This means that if a constituent has a recurring gift that happens on the first of the month, a stub will be created in LCRM for it on the first of the month to let you know that you should be receiving a donation. In most circumstances, this stub gift will not last for long. Once the donation has been processed successfully in Luminate Online, it will sync to LCRM and replace the stub gift with the real gift. However, in the event that the stub gift still exists after a few days, there may be an issue with the donation. If this is the case, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into Luminate Online
  2. Navigate to QPM (Data Management, Luminate Management, Queue Problem Management tab)
  3. Search on the constituent's Member ID
If an error shows up, you will need to fix the error to get the donation to sync to LCRM.