Non- admin users do not see the Click here to process the query and view the results" bar when viewing ad-hoc queries in WebShell. "

In CRM users have the ability to run ad-hoc queries by clicking the ‘Click here to process the query and view the results’ bar that appears after selecting the query from the main query page. Non-admin users may notice that this option and the entire ‘Results’ window pane is missing in WebShell. It does appear in Click-Once for non-admin users. In Click-Once and WebShell, non-admin users still have the ability to click ‘Edit definition’ and select the ‘View Results’ tab to run the query.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.
1.       Click ‘Edit definition’ from the Tasks menu on the left. This should open the ‘Edit Ad-hoc Query’ window. Select the ‘Preview results’ tab to run the query.
2.       If the users do not have rights to the “Edit definition’ task, use Click-Once instead of WebShell when running queries.



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