This information is to create the rosters.csv file for Haiku Learning
  1. Create a class export
  2. Filter on classes for the upcoming academic year
    • On the Output tab, include the class import ID, the maximum number of student possible for each class, and the teachers possible for each class

  3. Export the file and save as schedules. a. In the file, you will have one row per class. For Haiku, this needs to be formatted to be one row per class per student and teacher. To do this in Excel take the following steps:

    Step 1: Create a new file title rosters.csv

    Create a Header row with the required Haiku Learning fields

    Open your schedules.csv

    For the first row, select your student import ID to copy

    Go to your new rosters.csv file and transpose the IDs into the user ID column (To transpose paste these fields in Excel, use the paste special option:

    You will now see your student IDs in the appropriate column:
    Screen shot of completed User ID
    In the Role column, add S for Student:
    Screenshot of  student Role 

    Repeat for the teachers of the class and for the role add T:
    Screenshot of teacher Role

    Then in the Class ID column, copy the class import ID from your schedules file into the rows for the students and teachers:

    Screenshot of Class import id