1. In The Raiser's Edge Click Blackbaud Web Services.
2. Click the ResearchPoint link
3. Click Deactivate > OK
4. Click Generate Key
5. Enter in Site ID and email address associated with Blackbaud.com profile.
5. Test Connection (It should now be successful)
6. Go back into ResearchPoint >The Raiser's Edge integration page.
7. Make sure that the RE database keys match.
8. If they do not match go back into The Raiser's Edge > Blackbaud Web Services > ResearchPoint link > copy the database key.
9. Then go to the The Raiser's Edge integration page in ResearchPoint.
10. Click Configure integration. 
11. Enter in RE database key.
12. Click Test connection > Save
13. Now click Edit Credentials > enter in Raiser's Edge credentials
14. Click Test credentials > if successful click Save.