Step 1: Conduct a physical count of inventory
  1. From Merchandise, click Physical count worksheet
  2. Select the departments to run
  3. Decide if you want to include the current quantity on hand
  4. Click View Report
  5. If it Internet Explorer, click Print. If not, export to Word or Excel and print the document
Step 2: Update Inventory Quantity

  1. From Merchandise, click Update inventory
  2. On the Merchandise Inventory Batch screen, click Add
  3. Select Merchandise Physical Count Batch
  4. Click Save
  5. Enter the Name/SKU/UPC or scan the barcode
  6. Enter in the amount from your physical count in the "Quantity" field
  7. Enter any comments
  8. Repeat for all inventory items
  9. Save and close batch when complete
  10. Highlight batch, click commit
Step 3: Verify Inventory Quantities
  1. From Merchandise, click Inventory under Reports
  2. Select the departments to include
  3. Click View Report
  4. Verify these quantities on hand match the physical count worksheet