Helplet text not showing on Pages for Online Admission, Online Reenrollments, or Common forms

When completing an Online Admission (OLA), Cnline Reenrollment (ORE), or Common form on NetCommunity, the Helplet text that was entered on the Form Display Part may not be showing or the text from another screen may be showing.

For example, this could be happening on the Review Screen page, if it does not show text or the text from the the Payment Screen is showing. The helplet screens appear to be one off. The payment page will show the checklist status helplet since it is in the dropdown menu above the Payment helplet option.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution:
Use the Helplet screen option that is directly above the option you want to show on, from the drop down menu on the From Display part.

For example: If you want the Review helplet to show, then choose the Payment helplet option from the drop down menu. Enter the text that you would like to show on the review page, and the information will show correctly.

Steps to Duplicate

See Text on Back end of Form Display
  1. Login to NetCommunity as a supervisor
  2. Navigate to page to complete a form
  3. Edit page
  4. Edit Form Display part
  5. Click on the Helplet Tab
  6. From the screen drop down choose Payment and type in desired text in WYSIWYG
  7. From the screen drop down choose Review and type desired text in WYSIWYG
  8. Click Save for the Form Display Part
See Text from end user perspective
  1. Login to NetCommunity as End User
  2. Navigate to page where we previously updated the From display
  3. Click on a link to Start Form
  4. Complete all the required form fields until you get to the Review Tab
  5. Observe the Payment helplet text and not the Review helplet text
Note: This can affect other helplet screens. The Payment and Review helplets are an example. 


 6.58 patch 4

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