The language can be changed on the new event registration form. However, this option is not available for the event registration form (Classic). If you are using a new event registration form, please follow the steps below:
  1. Edit the event registration form
  2. Click the Language tab
  3. Choose the appropriate Category from the drop down menu
  4. Enter new label in the Text column to change how the label will read on the form
    • Note: The fields cannot be left blank. If you wish for nothing to show, then you can delete the text and press the spacebar. If the space bar is not recognized as a character, then press Alt on your keyboard with one hand, then on the number pad press 255 with the other hand, then release. This will force a space to be added. Note: this does not work for all fields under this section. For fields where a space does not work, the text would need to be hidden with CSS.
  5. Click Save