The following options are available to add a Friendly URL to a Company after completing the initial Setup process:

1. Delete the existing Company in the Company Pyramid and re-create it to add the appropriate Friendly URL
    (Note: This is for situations where there are no transactions tied to this company and/or Team's)
(Note: We recommend setting up a Team, including the Friendly URLs for the Company, Team, and Personal Participant Pages during this process)
2. Create a new Company with the appropriate Friendly URL and move the existing Team's/Participants to this new team.
    (Note: This is the available option when Team's were created and transactions/Donations have been received, that tie to this Company)

**If your Company Leader and Team Leader under this Company are the same person, contact Support for further assistance as it requires extra steps to make the necessary changes and/or another option is available to complete this process, which Support can dicuss with you further**
Steps to add a new Company with a Friendly URL to replace an exisiting Company without a Friendly URL:

1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
2. Highlight [Event Name], select Bookkeeping
3. Click Registration Entry
4. Create a temporary Independent Participant record to use as a temporary Company Leader for the Existing Company, so the New Company can be created with the appropriate Leader.
5. Highlight [Event Name], select Event Admin
6. Click Manage Company Pyramid
7. Highlight [Exisitng Company w/out Friendly URL], click Edit
8. Edit Company name, such as "Company" to "Company2", click Submit
9. Expand Independent Participants
10. Highlight the Participant record from Step 4 above, Highligh Edit and select Promote to A Leader
11. Click the Existing Company from Step 7/9
12. Select the Company Pyramid folder
13. Hover over New above the Company Pyramid and click Company
14. Add the Company Leader through the Search Function (This will be the Company Leader we replaced with the Temporary Participant record in Steps 9 through 11
15. In the New Team Window, Enter the Company Name to appear on the Website and under the Company Page Link section enter the appropriate Friendly URL.
      Note: If the Team does not already exist for the company, I recommend creating it here as well with the appropriate Friendly URL
16. Click Submit

Finally, if you did not create the new Team and need to move the team/s from the previous company to the new company, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
2. Highlight [Event Name], select Event Admin
3. Click Manage Company Pyramid
4. Expand the Old Company and highlight the appropriate team you wish to move
5. Highlight Edit, click Move to...
6. In the Move Team Window, click the appropriate Company (should be the Company you created in Steps 13 - 16 above) to move the team
7. Note: Your Team should now be moved to the appropriate Company

3. If you are unable to make the recommended changes above or your Company/Team was created together to have the same Leader for both, Chat With Support for further assistance with the following information:
1. Event Name:
2. Event URL: 
3. URL to existing Company Page: 
4. Existing Company Name:
5. Requested Friendly URL for Company/Company Page:
6. Reason you were unable to follow steps 1 or 2 above and/or Errors received, if any