To add a Constituent attribute that can be used in Custom Fields in Luminate Online:
  1. Create a new constituent attribute in The Raiser's Edge.
  2. When creating the attribute in The Raiser's Edge, the "Allow one per record" and "Active" checkboxes must be marked
  3. Additionally, only these Attribute data types will map correctly from RE to LO:
Luminate Online Custom Field TypeRaiser's Edge Attribute Data Type
String FieldText
Boolean FieldYes/No
Number FieldNumber
Date FieldDate
Monetary Value FieldCurrency
Once The Raiser's Edge attribute has been created, follow the steps below in Luminate Online to map the Attribute to the Custom Field: 
  1. In Luminate Online, select Data Management > Luminate Configuration
  2. Click Map Custom Fields
  3. In The Raiser's Edge Field dropdown next to the Custom field you would like to map, select the Raiser's Edge attribute created in step 1 above
  4. Click Finish

The attribute will now be available for selection on the Luminate Online Constituent record, under the Additional Information. This information will flow to The Raiser's Edge, within the Luminate Online plug in, for processing.