Using a test credit card, you would be able to purchase the items on behalf of the constituent without charging a real credit card.  This would create the purchase transaction within your database.  You can then manually go into that transaction entry and fill in the note field that the constituent actually paid by cash or check.
  1. Open your eStore site
  2. Add the item(s) the constituent purchased to the shopping cart
  3. Proceed with Checkout
  4. Fill out the constituent’s name, address, phone, etc. so the transaction matches the duplicate check and is put on their account
    • If you do not want the constituent to receive a confirmation email, fill in your own email address. eTapestry will fill in your email address on their persona if you do this, so make sure to check the constituent’s Persona page afterwards remove your email address.
  5. Set the Card Type to Visa
  6. Enter 9999888877776666 into the Card Number field
  7. Type 123 into the Card Security Code field
  8. Set the Expiration Month and Year (cannot be an expired month/year)
  9. Finish the checkout process
You may also want to look at How To Manually Enter eStore Transactions for an alternative solution.