Note: This requires the Code Table System Role.
  1. Go to Administration > Code Tables.
  2. Filter on the category Biographical and click Apply.
  3. Click on the Relationship Type code table.
    • Note: If you do not see your relationship type, click on Filters, then check to the box "Include Inactive?" and click on Apply.
    • User-added image
  4. To add a new relationship, click on the Add link at the top of the listing and entering the new term. Click OK to save the new term to the database.
    User-added image
  5. To make an inactive relationship active, click on expand icon and Edit  to display the Edit window and uncheck the Inactive box and click "OK". 
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Additional Tip: In Altru, a reverse relationship is required when you set up a relationship between two constituents. When adding a new relationship option to the database, it is helpful to make sure that the reverse relationship is also present. For the example mentioned above, one may also want to add "Business" as the reverse relationship option as per the screenshot below:

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