1. Verify that the constituent's security groups and the security category of the form is not causing the issue.
  2. Verify the check in status on the constituent's participant record in the TeamRaiser event.
  3. Navigate to Fundraising > TeamRaiser.
  4. Find your TeamRaiser in the list.
  5. Click Manage next to the TeamRaiser event. Search for the participant and click on their name.
  6. Under Online Check-In, you will see their Check In Status. If it is "committed", then the constituent will not be able to see the form.

When a participant registers, the registration can be in a couple different states. You get a check-in status of "unknown" if you register and do not complete the Delayed Self Pledge. Once you complete the DSP, you get a status of "committed". If you've already committed to the DSP, you won't be able to do so again which is what causes the security error. In general if you could make multiple payments to a DSP form, that would defeat the purpose. Therefore the product makes sure you are logged in and that you don't have a status of "committed" before it shows you the form.