Error: This tax claim number has already been submitted. Please enter a new claim number when the claim has not yet been submitted (UK Only)

This error occurs when using a claim number that has already been used in the R68 report process, but the gifts in that claim have not been submitted to HMRC. This may occur if the claim was rejected by HMRC due to errors which show for that claim number on the claims listed in Admin > Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC.
This only applies to the following circumstances
  • The R68 Gift Aid Report had been run previously and only refunds included therefore need the same claim number to be applied to Tax Claims where the amount to be claimed is in excess of the amount to be refunded.
  • The Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC was attempted for the claim that included only Refunds and that claim has been rejected by HMRC because claims cannot only include Refunds.
For all other circumstances the R68 Gift Aid Report should be run with a tax claim number that has not yet been used.

You cannot re-use a claim number even if all gifts have had that tax claim number removed from them.
  1. Follow the Claim online using a spread sheet steps for How to Process Gift Aid Claim, where the R68 report should be run for tax to be claimed with a different claim number and the total amount to be refunded entered in Box 2 - Previously Over-Claimed Amount field of the spread sheet.
  2. Tick the Do Not Submit box for both these claim numbers in Admin > Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC (the tax claim number used for the refunds and the number used in step one for the tax to be claimed - this is because both were included in the HMRC spread sheet rather than submitted via Raiser's Edge)

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
1. Open a gift where tax has already been claimed - eg tax claim number field populated on the Tax tab. From the Gift menu select Adjust Tax Claim to indicate that the tax that has been claimed should be refunded to HMRC as claimed in error.
The Refund number field shows on the Tax tab of the archived gift created by this process
2. Run R68 new Gift Aid report in Reports, Gift Aid reports and include refunds only and set the date range to cover the gift that was set to be refunded in step 1. When prompted update the tax claim number on the gift and that populates the refund number on the tax tab of the gift.
3. Submit Gift Aid claim to HMRC and get an error because the claim does not include sufficient tax to be claimed therefore not submitted
4. Run R68 report and select to include tax, so the gifts with tax to be claimed can be updated with the same tax claim number as the claim number used on the refunds, so both can be submitted together to ensure sufficient tax to cover the refund
Error - This tax claim number has already been submitted. Please enter a new claim number.
The claim number has not been submitted as rejected by HMRC.
5. As the refund number cannot be removed from the archived gift, so that the process can started from the beginning again, the only way to now submit the refund now is to run the R68 and include tax but specify a different tax claim number. Then need to export the gifts and populate the HMRC spread sheet with information on each individual gift so that the "overpayment amount" box on the spread sheet can be populated with the total to be refunded.
6. Also need to ensure that the DO NOT SUBMIT box is ticked on the Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC grid for these 2 tax claim numbers - for the row that relates to the Refund and the row that relates to the Tax claim as both have had to be submitted outside Raiser's Edge.
7. Replicated in sample database using 7.93.5782.8


 7.93.5782 patch 8

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