Visual Chart Organizer header lines with no applicable activity under them, based on report filters, are showing on the Income Statement with $0 total amounts.

When running an Income Statement report, certain Visual Chart Organizer headers lines with no accounts under them are showing with $0 amounts. In this scenario, the accounts that would fall under the headers are purposefully being filtered out of the report.  If a header line's accounts are filtered out of the report, the header line should not be displayed in the Income Statement.  This problem is specific to a Visual Chart Organizer, not to an Income Statement report.
Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 

Alternative Solution: This problem is a result of having completely blank headers in a Visual Chart Organizer.  If both the header tab and the total tab for a given Header level are blank, the header line is currently displayed on the report, even if the accounts that fall under it are being filtered out.  It's possible to enter characters on the header tab or total tab for the blank header line to remove these headers lines from the report that are displayed with $0.

Note: Depending on the setup of the Visual Chart Organizer, taking the following steps may result in additional total lines in the report. 
If the section to be removed, however, has nothing showing under it in the report to begin with, it will be removed from the report as desired.

1. Open the Visual Chart Organizer in question
2. Locate the first header that currently has no header nor total caption
3. Select the total tab and add in wording such as "Total"
Note: Adding a total caption, as opposed to a header caption will not affect the Account Detail caption
4. Repeat for all applicable blank header sections
5. Save the Visual Chart Organizer
6. Re-run the report


 7.87.164, patch 0
 7.87.164, patch 1

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