A relative date range is a period of time in relationship to a specified date. Within Financial Reports and the Project Financial Statements, you can use a relative range to define columns based on a particular period or fiscal year, ahead or behind a specific column. For example, you could define an Income Statement with a column for the current period and then have additional columns for each of the five preceding periods. By changing the definition for the current period column (the base column), all the columns defined relatively will change. 

Below are steps on how to use relative range:
1. In General Ledger > Reports > Financial Statements, choose the report you wish to set up using relative range.
2. On the Columns tab, open your first column with an Amount formula (e.g. {ACTUAL.EN_US}).
3. On the Date Range tab, choose <Specific fiscal period> or <Specific fiscal  year> and choose the appropriate period or year you would like to base the other columns off of. *
4. Click OK to save the column.
5. Click New Column or open your next column.
6. On the Date Range tab, choose " Relative range " as your date.
7. For base column, choose the column created in step 3. **
8. For Plus / Minus, choose Plus to have this column be a specific number of periods/years ahead of the base column or choose Minus to be a specific number of periods/years behind the base column.
9. For Number, choose the amount of Fiscal periods/years ahead of or behind the base column you would like this column to represent. Choose 0 if you would like it to be the same date. Using the drop down, define if you are measuring in Fiscal periods or years.
10. Click OK to save the column and repeat with the amount of desired relative columns modifying the Number for each.

* The base column must be defined by a specific fiscal period or fiscal year. Using specific range or date will prevent the column from showing as an available base column.
** It is possible to have more than one base column. Any column defined with a specific fiscal period or year will show as an available option.

For more information regarding relative reporting, please see the Reports Guide for General Ledger beginning on page 7.