No option to change designations in edit installment designations screen

When editing a pledge, there is an option to edit installment designations.  After clicking that button, there is no option to edit the designations for the installments, only the amounts.
  1. Go to Revenue > Transaction Search.  Search for your pledge and open the pledge.
  2. Click on Edit pledge or edit posted pledge on the left under Tasks
  3. If you only need one designation on the pledge, click on the magnifying glass next to Designation.  Search for and click on the new designation for the pledge.  This will automatically change all installments to the new designation.
  4. If you need to split the installments between multiple designations, click on the blue hyperlinked word Designation.  On the new row, enter it or use the magnifying glass to search for the other designation.  In the Amount column, enter in the amount for the new designation.  Edit the amount to the original designation so that the total amount of all designation rows equals the total pledge amount and there is no unapplied amount.  Click OK.
  5. Next, click Edit Installment Designations.  Here you should see a column for each designation on the pledge.  You may see that one designation has more money applied to it in installments than the new designation.  Go through each installment and enter the amounts for each designation until both designations are distributed correctly and add up to the total pledge amount.  Click Ok.
  6. If you have already paid installments on the pledge, you will receive a message "This pledge contains paid installments. When you change the designation of a paid installment, the program does not record the previous designation information. If that information is important to you, we recommend you record the original designation before you make the change. Are you sure you want to change the designation?"  You can click Yes if this is the correct new designation.
  7. You will receive a message "Would you like to reset recognition credits based on the new amount?" You can click Yes to update the recognition credits based on the new amounts and designations. 
  8. Click Save to save the pledge.


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