1. Verify the version of PowerPivot installed
    1. Version 11 or higher is recommended. To verify your version, follow these steps
    2. If the version is below 11, uninstall and reinstall the correct version
    3. Download the latest version of PowerPivot for Excel 2010
    4. Enable the PowerPivot add-in for Excel 2013
  2. Follow these steps to establish the connection with Excel 2010
    1. From the PowerPivot ribbon, click PowerPivot Window.
    2. On the PowerPivot screen, click From Data Feeds under Get External Data.
    3. In the Friendly connection name field, enter a descriptive name for your data feed, such as "Blackbaud CRM."
    4. In the Data feed URL field, paste the URL you got from your query in Altru.
    5. Click Advanced. On this screen, enter your Altru user name and password
    6. Change your Integrated Security field from SSPI to Basic
    7. Change the Persist Security Info field from False to True
    8. Click Test Connection
    9. Click Next, and select ODataQuery.ashx as the source table.
    10. Click Finish.
    11. Once the import is complete, click Close. You can now manipulate and explore your data in the power
    12. pivot.
  3. Follow these steps to establish the connection with Excel 2013
    1. From the Data tab, select From Other Sources/From OData Data Feed.
    2. Paste the URL you got from your query in Altru and enter your credentials. (If after entering your credentials you receive the the error "We couldn't refresh the connections (query string). The remote server returned an error (401) Unauthorized". Add blackbaudhost\ to the beginning of your user name for example blackbaudhost\jdoe12345)
    3. Click Next.
    4. Check the "ODataQuery.ashx" checkbox.
    5. Click Next.
    6. You can enter a description and change the name if you prefer.
    7. Click Finish, and then click OK to import the data.
    8. On the Import Data screen, select "Power View" and click OK. You can now use Excel to create charts and
    9. dashboards of your data.
  4. Follow these steps to establish the connection with Tableau
    1. From Data, click Connect to Data.
    2. Select "OData."
    3. In the Select or enter a URL field, paste the URL from your query.
    4. On Step 2, select Use a Username or Password and enter your Altru credentials.
    5. On Step 3, click Connect.
    6. On Step 4, enter a name for the feed
    7. Click OK

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