How To Remove Comment From Fundraiser Gift in Scrolling Donor Part

When viewing the Scrolling Donor Part, there may be a comment that needs to be removed from a gift. The Donor scroll bar on personal fundraiser page may be showing incorrect, or inappropriate, comments.
To remove the comment:
  1. Log into the Raiser's Edge 
  2. Click Records > Gifts
  3. Search for the Gift Record that contains the inappropriate comment
  4. Delete the Comment from the record > save the gift record
  5. In NetCommunity, log in and edit the Fundraiser part
  6. Click the Synchronize Now button and wait for the Fundraiser part sync to finish
If this does not work, contact support and reference this article

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in to NetCommunity 
  2. Go to Users & Security > Users
  3. Search for user
  4. Edit the user
  5. Select visit for specific fundraiser
  6. Visit his page and view the comment on his donor scroll bar

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