This error is occurring as you have the default program to open the file type .wsdl set to Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is unable to access/open the file type of .wsdl as it does not recognize this file type.

To resolve this situation, you will need to change the Default program that opens this file within Internet Explorer.

Follow these steps to change the default program that opens file type .wsdl: 
  1. Click the Settings (Gear Icon ) in the upper right-hand corner of Internet Explorer
  2. Click View Downloads
  3. Locate and Right-click the KinteraConnect.wsdl file
  4. Click Open Containing Folder
  5. Right-click the KinteraConnect.wsdl file, highlight Open With, and select Choose default program...
  6. Expand the Other Programs section
  7. Click Internet Explorer
  8. Make sure the checkbox for "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is marked
  9. Click the OK button

At this point the file should open within Internet Explorer and you can Copy/Paste the contents as needed or just use downloaded file from within your Downloads folder from step 2-4 above.