In order to reduce submissions/spam you can implement a CAPTCHA, which will be site wide for all teamraiser pages. First we will need to create a new Survey:
  1. Go to Content > select Surveys
  2. Click Create a New Survey
  3. Give the Survey a name and click Next
  4. Click Add Questions
  5. In the Question Type dropdown menu, select CAPTCHA and click Next
  6. Under 3. Question Text, provide a brief description about completing the CAPTCHA and click Finish
  7. Now go to step 4. Publish Survey and adjust the Publication Date to "Publish this survey now and set the start date"
  8. Copy the survey URL under 3. Survey URL. We will use this URL later in the steps below.
Now that we have our survey with CAPTCHA, we are going to provide a link to this survey for the submissions of objectionable content complaints. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Select Product Configuration
  2. Select the Green "Message Catalog Editor" tab
  3. In the search field, type "objectionable content," then click Search
  4. Under the Key column, locate "obj_content_msg"
  5. Under the Actions column, click "Edit Custom"
  6. In the popup box that appears, provide the link to the survey that we copied in step 8 above under "Enter custom text below."
  7. You'll type something similar to this: "If you think this page contains objectionable content,<a href=""> please inform the system administrator.</a>"
  8. Click Submit when you're done.

The email address that is receving objectionable content complaints can be adjusted (BB748737).