1. Go to Communities FormsSingle Step Donation OR Communities FormsRegistration
  2. Hover over the donation form name and select Website Info
  3. Click Form Customization
  4. You will be presented with a page with two sections
    1. Website Forms: These are forms that are accessed by supporters from the event website
    2. Sphere Entry Forms: These are administrative forms accessed by your organization from within Bookkeeping
  5. Click the blue Select button by the appropriate form
    1. You will be taken to the Field Selection page. There are 4 field types you can choose to add/remove to the form, choose the appropriate tab:
      1. Standard Profile Fields: These are the default Profile fields generated by Sphere 
      2. Custom Profile Fields: These are profile fields created by sphere admin users
      3. Standard Event Fields: These are the default Event fields generated by Sphere
      4. Custom Event Fields: These are event field fields created by Sphere admin users
  6. Mark the radio button under the desired display type
    1. Inactive: This field will not be displayed on the form
    2. Active: This field will be displayed on the form but is not required
    3. Required: This field will be displayed on the form and is required in order to proceed
    4. Read Only: Not used
  7. Click Save and Done
  8. Publish the form