In the case of bad email addresses, whenever 3 deliveries fail to a given email address, Luminate Online automatically marks the target as bad and no messages can be directed to it. The email address is reset (to “good”) twice a month.  However, the problem with processing email messages to some targets is the mail server can be easily overloaded. In the case of a bad webform, forms that are not contactible may not ever be fixable. In these situations there are a few ways to work around a failing email address / webform, listed below.
  • If you have the advocacy fax module, you can set the alert to roll to fax in the event that the email fails. This will happen automatically if you have the alert configured thusly. Contact your Client Success Manager if you do not have the advocacy fax module and want to look into it.
  • You can print out the alert results and hand them to the representative. This is a technique most clients use only if there is one specific target they are interested in and the client feels that the target will find the volume of results in paper format to be note worthy.
  • You can try using delivery pacing (sometimes called "throttling") on your alert to send less messages per hour, however keep in mind that it is unusual for your organization to be the only one sending to a given target. If you have a specific target you are interested in targeting, you can try calling that target's office to try to resolve the issue. Contact support if you are interested in delivery pacing but do not see that as step 9 on the left when configuring an alert.