1. Click Administration >Click Notifications under Tools
  2. Click Add 
  3. Enter the name of the notification (such as “Board Member Alert”) as well the message or text to display in the actual notification.
  4. If this notification will expire or is temporary, in the End date field, select a date after which the notification expires.
  5. To display the notification in a separate window in addition to the information bar, select Display in notification window.
  6. To have the notification appear on the Daily Sales page when a patron with the matching criteria is entered, select Display in Daily Sales.
  7. Under Notification records, select the record type and a selection of records to use. The notification displays for records included in the selection.
Note: If  you would like this query to automatically update information, ensure to save your selection as a Dynamic selection so that it will automatically refresh for you. If you use a static selection, this will not update automatically. 
  1. Under Notification users, select whether this notification displays for all users or only selected users. If you select Selected users, choose the selection of users to receive the notification.
  2. Click Save.
You will return to the Notifications page. The notification is available for the users you selected when they access the records you selected.