In order to get an accurate showing of ZIP code taken from the marketing survey  you must use a Sales Order source view for your query type. This will pull all ZIP codes that were taken in the marketing survey that are associated with an order and not a constituent. 
  1. From Analysis >Information Library > Add an ad-hoc query
  2. Select the Source View of Sales Order. Click Ok.
  3. Select Sales Orders
  4. In the middle, in the Select Sales Orders Fields, drag ZIP  to 'results fields to display'
  5. Add any other fields to your query that you wish to see to Results Fields to display (for example, transaction date, price type, program name)
  6. Go to the Set Save Options Tab, name the query, click Save.
  7. Process the results of the query. 
To include ZIP codes from the survey that are associated with a constituents or patrons follow the steps below: 
  1. Click "edit definition" on the left hand side of your query
  2. On the left, in Browse for fields in, highlight Constituent, click the + to expand the node
  3. Select and highlight Address (Primary)
  4. In the middle, in Select Address (Primary) Fields, drag ZIP to "results fields to display"
  5. Click "Save" to save your new additions to your query
  6. Process the results of the query.