How to change reCAPTCHA field label on donation form

Due to change in reCAPTCHA, donations may not go through with a message that the person has not entered 2 words but there is only one word on the screen for the recaptcha. Changes were made in version 6.58 patch 3 of NetCommunity to coordinate with the reCAPTCHA changes.

The reCAPTCHA field now reads Type the two words. However, reCAPTCHA only has one word that needs to be entered. How can the reCAPTCHA field label be changed on the donation form to read differently?

Current updgrades that have been made to the ReCaptcha API have allowed ReCaptcha to require people to enter one code OR two codes.  If the language on the NetCommunity page directs the person to enter in two codes, please edit the language on the form to state that they should enter the code seen in the box rather than enter the two codes.  As this code could be one or two.
  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Edit the donation form part
  3. Click the Language tab
  4. Choose reCAPTCHA from the Category drop down field
  5. Delete the text for the Item name Image Prompt field
  6. Enter the text you would like to display. For Example: Type the code(s):
  7. Click Save


 6.58.806 patch 3

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