1. In The Raiser's Edge, on the Query page, create a new query.  The type is Constituent and the Format is Dynamic.

NOTE: The Dynamic format updates the query results each time the query is ran.
Create Query

2. On the Criteria tab, expand the Constituent node and select Birth date.  For the Operator select Equals and for the Date, select This month (any year).

NOTE: The operator "This Month" allows one query to be built in Rasier's Edge that automatically updates

Then click OK

Query Criteria

3. Name the query and click Save. Optionally, you may wish to add a description letting The Raiser's Edge (RE) users know that this query is used by NetCommunity and not to alter or delete it.

Name Query

4. When logged into NetCommunity, from the Email menu, select Lists.  Then click New List.  In the Data Source drop-down, select Constituent List.  Then click OK.

Create List

5. Enter a name for the List, and optionally add a Description.  Then click Add Query.

Name List

6. Search for the query created above and click Select.

Select Query

7. Click the Save button to save the list.



8. From the Email menu, select Scheduled emails and click New scheduled email

New Scheduled Email


9. Provide the following information for the new scheduled email:
  • Schedule Name (This is the name that appears in the list of scheduled emails)
  • Mark the Enable schedule checkbox
  • Click the Select template button and select a template
  • Click the Select list button and select the list created above
  • Mark the Recurrence option and select the day (Monthly on the first in this example)
  • Specify a Begin date and optionally an End date
  • Select the time zone and time when the recurring message will run
  • Click Save
Set Up Schedule

Note: The list will refresh automatically when NetCommunity sends the scheduled email.