1. Navigate to Communities>Special Events>Kintera Golf
  2. Hover over your event name and click Manage Event
  3. Select the Administer tab, then Payments tab
  4. Hover over the payment to be reversed and select Manage Payment
  5. Click Delete
  6. Select the reversal reason and choose whether to send a confirmation email
  7. Click Save
Note: If the payment cannot be located in this location, it can be deleted from the contact record:
  1. Navigate to Contacts>Individuals or Organization
  2. Search for the contact
  3. Click Manage next to the contact's name
  4. Navigate to Interactions>Activities
  5. Search for the transaction needed to be reversed
  6. Click the associated Transaction link under Activity Name
  7. Select the Delete Record From Initiative tab
  8. Select/enter the required information and click Delete
Notes: Partial Reversal is not available in Golf module