How to reschedule a group sales reservation

 Your organization may need to reschedule a group sales reservation for a different date. This solution will walk you through how to reschedule the group and any events. 
If your group's reservation itinerary includes a scheduled program event(s) that was created for exclusive use by this group's reservation, before you reschedule the reservation reschedule the event for the new date and time.
  1. In Tickets, click Program Search and open the Program included in the group's itinerary.
  2. On the Calendar or Event List tab, locate and open the event.
  3. Click Edit event.
  4. Update the event date and time.
  5. Click Save.

To change the date of the reservation:
  1. Go to the Group Reservation (you can go to the reservation through Reservation Search or through the Group Sales calendar)
  2. Under Tasks, click Change visit date. 
  3. Change the group to the new correct date and click Save.
    • Note: You will not be able to change a reservation date to a past date.

If the schedule program event included on the group's itinerary on the original reservation date is used by other groups or is for sale to the general public you will not want to reschedule that event, but will need to include a new event in the group's itinerary on their new date and time. After rescheduling the reservation, when you access the group's itinerary, if there is a scheduled program on the group's itinerary but no scheduled program event already on the group reservation's new date and time, you will see a red item. You will need to schedule a new event for the rescheduled date and time. You can do this right from the group's itinerary.  
  1. Go to the Group Reservation. 
  2. Under Manage Itineraries, click the hyper linked name of your itinerary.
  3. If there is no scheduled program event, you will see a red box to indicate there is no event scheduled at that time. 
  4. To schedule an event, highlight the box and click "Schedule missing event".
  5. If you are adding a different program event, you can delete the unscheduled item and add a new item to the itinerary. 



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