The Hosting Services Status page provides information on the availability of your hosted products, including details on planned and emergency maintenance, as well as unplanned incidents that may affect the performance of the application.
  • Planned maintenance notices are posted 3 days in advance of the work.
  • Unplanned incidents are posted immediately following confirmation of an issue affecting multiple sites and updated as soon as we have new information.
  • The page refreshes each time you open it. If you keep the Hosting Status page open, it does not automatically refresh. To refresh, either re-open the page or press Ctrl + F5. 
We also proactively send primary contacts and site administrators email notices as part of our maintenance agreement. This ensures the primary administrators are aware of any issues as soon as possible. 

These are the icons and their meanings:  

Available Available - Your hosted products are available and functioning normally.

Planned Maintenance Planned Maintenance - We have scheduled your product for routine maintenance such as an upgrade or patch. During the noted time, you may not have access to your hosted product. 

Informational Informational - We have detected an issue and are actively investigating but have not yet determined the overall impact.

Problem Problem - We have confirmed functionality of a hosted application is not performing as expected and is impacting multiple clients. We are actively working on a resolution.

Critical Critical - We have confirmed a hosted product or major functionality is unavailable, and we are actively working on a resolution.

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